Saturday, May 23, 2015

Citroen Cactus test drive coming up: Something very different.

While in Europe for a few days, I am actually driving the new Citroen Cactus.
So I will be reporting on that very soon.

So far so good. Besides looking really cool, and different, it has a 3 cylinder engine.
My only previous experience with a 3 cylinder was a quick drive a few weeks ago in a Focus. And I was pretty amazed.
Same thing here.

More soon....


Les said...


Really looking forward to your review. Does it compete with the 500L in Europe? Seems like the same basic premise: cheap, utilitarian, quirky style.

Jörn said...

Hey Vince,

also looking forward to read about your impressions of the Cactus, which (to me) is very Citroen-like in many ways. I am interested in an American point of view!