Wednesday, April 22, 2015

MG GS video

I guess Chinese owned MG is doing its best to convinced Chinese people that the brand is still, somehow, British.
By filming a 2 minute video in and around London. And hiring Benedict Cumberbatch from Sherlock.
(I mean, what could be more british than Sherlock Holmes?)

Well. It's all a lie. MG has been owned by SAIC since 2005.

It actually does look quite nice. And a bit European, in a Renault sort of way (from designer Anthony Williams-Kenny)
The GS SUV will actually be sold in England starting next year. Where they already sell the MG3 and MG6.


Philthy82 said...

And Buicks are made in Germany, and BMWs are made in America. Does anyone really care about this anymore?

Anonymous said...

An MG SUV? What is this world coming to?

Les said...

"Since 1924"

That's the easiest way to know you are being sold a knockoff with a dead brand name.

The other common tell is "European design." Any product that claims European design/inspiration is headed to landfill much sooner than it should.

Anonymous said...

Looks very much like the Nissan Rouge/ Qashqai.