Monday, April 20, 2015

2017 Chrysler Town & Country

chrysler spy spyshot future minivan 2017
Nothing new really. We've seen this test mule before.
I still think it is weird that it still has the Dodge tail lights.

I mean, they are covered up. Why add this extra layer of camouflage?
It looks like the real thing is under there, somewhere...


Anonymous said...

I almost wish they'd go a bit boxier a modern retro take on the original.

Anonymous said...

I now pull a 3600 lbs camping trailer (and sometimes a 3000 lb boat) with the family minivan. I sure hope those days are killed by a weaker new Chrysler Minivan. ( It would be a shame if the new minivan had weaker towing just to improve the MPG; because that would force me out of a 26 MPG (hwy) minivan and into a truck or suv with worse mileage) How ironic.