Thursday, April 30, 2015

2016 Chevrolet Camaro

An all new Camaro is just a few days away now.
So all we get is this picture of the rear part.
Which shows, like they had mentioned before, an evolution of the current design.

Too bad about that old looking spoiler. Which looks like some cheap Pep Boys add on.

2017 US Jaguar XE Specs.

Jaguar has announced what engines the US will be getting in new XE compact sedan.
(Pictures above are still the Euro Version)

Strangely enough, the base engine will be the 2.0 Liter Diesel. The XE 20d will produce 180hp.
That seems to be quite a gamble. Offering a diesel engine as standard in the US.

Next is the 3.0 Liter V6 with 340hp.
Called, of course, the XE 35t.
The 35 stands for nothing since the engine size is 3.0 Liter.
Same thing goes for the t, since the car is supercharged, and NOT turbo.

Apparently, a "more base than base" model with a gas 2.0 Liter will be available later. As well as a manual transmission.  (That could be the fun version)

I still think the car looks too close to the "old" XF. And that interior still looks horrible and nothing like a Jaguar should be.
(Unless some miracle happened when you actually see the thing in person...)

No matter what, the XE is still a full year away for the US market... (How ridiculous)

Wednesday, April 22, 2015

MG GS video

I guess Chinese owned MG is doing its best to convinced Chinese people that the brand is still, somehow, British.
By filming a 2 minute video in and around London. And hiring Benedict Cumberbatch from Sherlock.
(I mean, what could be more british than Sherlock Holmes?)

Well. It's all a lie. MG has been owned by SAIC since 2005.

It actually does look quite nice. And a bit European, in a Renault sort of way (from designer Anthony Williams-Kenny)
The GS SUV will actually be sold in England starting next year. Where they already sell the MG3 and MG6.

Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Denza EV VS.Renault 16

I know, they don't actually look the same.

But I had just seen an old French film on Hulu, where the main character drives a Renault 16.
So that car was on my mind, strangely enough.

The Denza is a joint venture between Daimler and BYD. It is all electric and they claim the range is over 185 miles. Which sounds really good.
(Except it costs at least $60 000. )

I still see a little bit of the old Renault in it...

Something you don't see every day...

But anything is possible in Laurel Canyon...

Monday, April 20, 2015

Fiat Ottimo Cross "Concept"

This was also shown at the Shanghai auto show.
The Ottimo is basically a hatchback version of our Dodge Dart for the Chinese market. With its own front end, and a Fiat name.
This raised up version is the equivalent of what VW offers with their Alltrack models.
And it does look really nice. I mean this would make a great version of the Dart. Why not?
It's not like they would need to design an all new car. 
Here is the "regular" version of the Ottimo.

Audi A8 VS. Cadillac CT6

cadillac ct6 audi a8 new compare profile

First, let me apologize for picking on the CT6 so much. I do liked GM and Cadillac.
But really, I was expecting so much from their "top of the line" model. Especially after all these amazing looking concepts.
Needless to say, I am very disappointed . So there.

I am comparing it to the A8 for 2 reasons. They both have that 3 windows side design.
And, so far, I never really liked the A8. I thought it was always the most boring looking choose in a luxury sedan.
Until now. Until I saw the CT6.
I mean look at both cars. The current A8 came out in 2009 and it looks more modern than the "not even out yet" Cadillac.
The difference will be even greater when the next A8 comes out. (Unless Audi ruins it like they did with the Q7)

But inside, I must say, I do prefer the Cadillac.
It's not a matter of color. ( I couldn't find an official shot with a black interior for the Audi)
But I really hate that big "brush metal strip" Audi is using more and more.
(It is even worse in the new Q7 and upcoming A4) I mean the whole thing almost looks like a mess.

So basically, I'd rather be inside the CT6.
(Maybe you could keep your eyes closed until you get inside your car ?)

It will also depend on price.
If the same crazy guys who decided the ELR is worth $75 000 are in charge of pricing the CT6, they are in trouble.
The slow selling CTS starts at about $40 000 (After a price drop their new CEO said would never happen)
So this could maybe start at $50 000. Or $55 000 at the most.
If they think they can demand the same $74 000 as the Audi A8, all I can say is: Good luck...

Cadillac CT6 PHEV

cadillac ct6 2016 autoshow new hybrid
Cadillac has introduced a plug-in hybrid of the new CT6 sedan.
This is one model introduced in China we are getting for sure in the US.

It has an all electric range of 37 miles. (Which is pretty good, since the S-Class hybrid gets about half)
And a total power of 335HP. With a 2.0 Liter Turbo engine.

It all sounds pretty good.

It was introduced in Shanghai by Cadillac's new obnoxious boss Johan de Nysschen.
The same guy who was putting down the Volt a while ago, while he was working for Audi. By saying: "No one is going to pay a $15 000 premium for a car that competes with a Corolla. So there are not enough idiots who will buy it".
He is now selling us that similar technology in a Cadillac.

By the way, I am posting this "new" pic of the CT6. (At least new to me, I had not seen it before)
I think from that angle, this car looks terrible. And cheap.
I really wanted to like it a lot. But this makes the conservative 6 year old A8 look futuristic.
I just cannot imagine this really competing in that same class.

I wonder how many idiots De Nysschen will find this time around.

2017 Chrysler Town & Country

chrysler spy spyshot future minivan 2017
Nothing new really. We've seen this test mule before.
I still think it is weird that it still has the Dodge tail lights.

I mean, they are covered up. Why add this extra layer of camouflage?
It looks like the real thing is under there, somewhere...

Buick Verano

buick verano new 2016 autoshow shanghai
This is, so far, known as the Chinese model.
But you know this will end up here soon. And looking pretty much the same.

The Chinese version is powered by a small 1.5 Liter Turbo with 166HP.
Which might be replaced her by the larger 2.0 Liter Turbo.
it looks fine. But really.... Nothing amazing.

More on this, including interior shots, very soon.

VW C Coupe GTE. Another fake coupe from VW

Another nice looking concept from VW.
And another coupe that IS NOT a coupe.

It is quite amazing to see this obsession with calling every single concept they come up with a "Coupe". Whether it is an SUV or a sedan. (It is never a proper Coupe)
I just don't get it. What is going on at VW????

And yet, they seem to take forever to get anything new into the showrooms.

Now this new one is described as "if it were to go into production, it would find its place between the Passat and the Phaeton".
Why not. Seems logical.
But what!
This is what they said about the Sport Coupe Concept GTE we saw just last month: "The Sport Coupe Concept GTE is a car that we position above today's VW CC"
So they both occupy the exact same space in the line up.

While they are both really nice looking, ( I guess one is a hatch, so that's the "big" difference?) they make VW seem like a company run by a bunch of lab rats...

Honda Concept D (WTF???)

"The Concept D shows the direction of a mass-production SUV model which is currently being developed exclusively for the Chinese domestic market".

Let's all get down on our knees and pray this is true.
Let's hope this monster never becomes the next Acura MDX.

2016 Nissan Lannia

They claim this is for the Chinese market only.
Which I doubt very much. Maybe the name Lannia is not going to make it over here.
Put I'm pretty sure the car will. As it looks like a shrunken version of the new Maxima.

And while I think the Maxima could look pretty nice in person, I really don't think this will.

It seems like a weird cross between the Maxima and the Juke. (2 cars that should never hang out together)

 I think it is ugly enough to be the next Sentra.
What do you think?

And by the way, best PR BS in years: "Inspired by the smooth, muscular movements of wild animals".

2016 Honda Civic

 The new Civic will have much more style than before.
Especially the sedan. And the coupe will be what we saw just a while ago as that neon green concept.

These black and white patent designs are as usual, not flattering at all.
And it already looks pretty nice.

 They also both remind me of this Concept B from last year. A lot actually.

At the time, Honda had mention this design would become a production car "within 2 years".
I just wonder if it will end up being the next hatchback Euro Civic.

Which will be offered in the US as well. For the fist time in many years.

Saturday, April 18, 2015

2016 Ford taurus (Chinese model)

 Let's all get down on our knees and pray this is NOT the same car as the US version.

Sure, it's not really ugly. But it has a sad 80's feel to it.
And it looks much worse than the Fusion, really.
I mean look at the front end in the profile shot!It basically looks like a bloated version of the Chinese Ford Escort. Which is OK. If it stays over there.

Here, we need something much better.

Unfortunately, here are a couple of spy shots. They do match the Chinese version... (Unless, they are actually spy shots of that version, not the US one)

There might still be hope.
But if this what Ford has to compete with the Impala in the US, good luck...

Friday, April 17, 2015

Nissan Lannia

 This is supposed to be specifically for the Chinses market.
So at first I thought it was a slightly different version of the all new Maxima.
But it's not. (As you can see from the Maxima picture bellow)

Something you don't see every day.

At least I don't. I think this is the only one I've ever seen.

A Chinese made Coda all electric car.
Most people don't even know about it...

It's actually quite a sad looking little thing in real life. (Even though, strangly enough the original design is from Pininfarina)

At least the owner of this one had fun with it.

Chevrolet FNR Concept

GM will show this new concept at the Shanghai auto show in a few days.
From this teaser, it just looks like a pure concept.
So this might look fun. But not amount to much in the end...

Honda Jazz Shuttle

New Fit means new Shuttle.

So this is pretty logical. As usual, this isn't for the US.
This is pretty much a larger, wagon version of the current Fit.

It does look really roomy. But Honda would rather sell us the H-RV...

Thursday, April 16, 2015

Subaru Exiga Crossover 7

Basically, the redesigned Exiga for the Japanese market.
Just like the previous one, this isn't coming to the US.
(Although Subaru is working on a new 7 seater model for our market)

This looks very nerdy to me.
I do like wagons. I'm fine with the Outback. But this looks too tall, too bloated.
And quite...Nerdy...

And with the Outback's based 2.5 Liter engine, things might be getting pretty difficult when carrying 7 people up hill. Just saying...

Audi Prologue Allroad Concept

 Basically, a raised wagon version of the concept they showed in L.A.
Which was OK, but I wasn't that impressed when I saw it in person.

This, I think, is nicer. But it's also the type of design they should have in showrooms right now.
Instead, the new and upcoming stuff is underwhelming, to say the least.
The new Q7 looks horrible. As does the new hatchback A3. Much worse that the previous models.

We have already seen pix of the next A4, which looks like a squared off version of the current one.
With a much, much worse interior. (At least from early pictures)
I also think the new R8 looks worse than the current one.

So it might be many years before any new Audi looks like this...
And by that time, it'll look old.