Wednesday, December 24, 2014

SsangYong Tivoli

This is an all new compact SUV from that "other Korean company", SsangYong.
So far it looks pretty nice. Really not worse than anything in that segment.

The Tivoli is interesting also because it might end up being the 1st SsangYong model sold in the US.
As the brand is actively making plans to enter our market within a couple of years.
Although  they are still looking for a new name. (No SsangYong for us...)

Also interesting is the fact that it is owned by the Indian company Mahindra.
Yes, the same Mahindra that is rumored to be acquiring Saab as we speak.

It would be interesting to have showrooms filled with new Saab cars and SsangYong SUVs...


Anonymous said...

This shares a lot of design similarities with Hyundai's upcoming ix25 small crossover...

Anonymous said...

If you're gonna copy someone elses styling why copy bad generic styling? This thing looks like a mutated Rav4/Highlander!!! eek!

Anonymous said...

if you think this design is 'not worse than anything else', you've lost your marbles. This thing is a total turdbomb. Bunch of useless gimmicks, not a single original or charming feature. Garbage.

Picture in your mind an Escape, Rogue, Rogue, CRV, or Santa Fe Sport, and ask yourself if this glob actually compares.

Anonymous said...

If they could manage to disguise the TrailBlazer as a SAAB, no reason they couldn't do that with this thing as well. Too bad it isn't more distinctive though.