Monday, October 27, 2014

What could have been...

This is a prototype from 1988.
Porsche had then decided that a "4 door 911" called 989, was a good idea. Mostly for the US market.

And it didn't look too bad.
Just like the Panamera, over 20 years later, this was a front engine, RWD car. So not really a 4 door 911.



Carl said...

It looks like it would have aged well too. Maybe the US wasn't ready for the Panemera back then?

Anonymous said...

they built it....wake up!

Carl said...

This was from 1988, you wake up, son

Soul2Stinger said...

Wow....who wouldn't have fancied this? I'm sure the purists would have had a FIT. The US wasn't ready for this set as SUVs and CUVs had not yet taken the world by storm.

This IS beautiful and would have aged VERY well.

You can tell that they used this as a basis of design for the 90s and early 2000s 911s.

- FusioptimaSX

Carmaker1 said...

Always take things with a grain of salt people. The above is not the 1988 version of the 989, but the final stillborn development version from 1991.

The original 1988 989 did not have cues that showed up on the 996 911 (1993 design effort).

Here's a photo of the original 1988 989 (bottom right only). Hopefully my comment isn't too late, that no one will see it (bottom right photo):

Anonymous said...

I saw your comment, this is interesting! ( got the email notification)

- FusioptimaSX