Thursday, October 02, 2014

Fiat 500X

Finally! The real thing.

After all this time, there isn't much of a surprise. Which is fine, since it looks quite nice.
It does look more like a 500 than the oddly designed 500L.

I am sure this will turn out to be quite a hit for Fiat in the US. This is exactly what they need.

More and better pictures soon.


Les said...

As usual for Fiat, the interior is much nicer than anything else in this segment. Just goes to show that there's a difference between "inexpensive" and "grey plastic mush."

PGA said...


Saw this car today.

Don't understand why people buy it.

It looks even worse than the 'Mini'

Anonymous said...

Just like the Renegade, this little CUV has an awkward looking exterior covering a nice looking interior. I'm sure that both vehicles will sell well for their respective brands, even though I think neither of them have particularly attractive exterior designs.

Carl said...

Hey Vince are you ok? Have not heard from you since 10/2 it's almost 10/10.

Vince Burlapp said...

Thanks Carl.
I just was going through some personal stuff, yes.
But I'm OK.

Thank you so much for checking, this is quite amazing and makes me feel great.
Thanks again.

Carl said...

No worries!

Anonymous said...

Are you still doing this?? no posts for like a WEEK now.

Tard said...

Good to know, Vince.

I was beginning to wonder too, but then I thought "maybe I'm just being a tard."

Anonymous said...

If Vince is here in the Hollywood/Burbank area like I suspect, he's probably been floored by the cold/flu virus nearly everyone else I know around here has been dealing with for the past few weeks. :( Hope all is well!

el_monty said...

I don't like the body of this car at all. It just seems a blob to me. The interior is better. I think the Renault Captur and the Ford EcoSport are the best designs in this segment, but obviously you can't get them in the US