Tuesday, September 09, 2014

Subaru Viziv production version?

 It does look like a production version of the Viziv concept, doesn't it...

Except the new Subaru grille isn't really there. Which is kind of weird.
And the side mirrors are still pretty small for a production car.

So I'm not really sure this is real. I mean, it would be nice if Subaru actually had one interesting design in their line up.

This is the latest concept version. (They had another one before)
Where you see the new grille. Similar to the one in the new Legacy.
And the more angular look they are using now.
Something like this would be really nice.

The "patent drawing" on tope looks pretty soft...


Anonymous said...

It's a patent drawing of the Cross Sport concept, which was a shooting break based off the BRZ.


Anonymous said...

The problem with Subaru is that their concept cars is how they aspire to be in 20 years. Can't they fix that Forester? It looks like a mess.

Anonymous said...

Like the looks of the vehicle in the photo.

We would consider something like this, but it's just that Subaru is all about AWD, and where we live, we really don't have a need for AWD.

Anonymous said...

Wth? That's the new Volvo greenhouse architecture.