Friday, September 05, 2014

All new Kia K4

Just when you thought the US market was conservative.
This is Kia's mid size sedan for the Chinese market. One of their most boring designs in years!

It just looks like a small Cadenza.
Look at that rear end! It might be humanly impossible to come up with anything less inspired.

And that interior looks closer to the new Sonata than anything from Kia.

For once, the good news is: this is NOT for us.

And by the way, the redesigned Optima is actually already looking quite nice, from the spy pix I've seen of it.
Nothing like this.


Anonymous said...

Vince, to make sure, are you referring to the rear design of the Kia or the Jetta TDI below?

Anonymous said...

Why are we always seeing models 'only for the Chinese market' all of the time? Unless they impact models in other countries, why do we need to see them ... at all? Way too much attention being given to them all the time.

Anonymous said...

I would expect this to appeal to North Koreans or Cubans, maybe, but come on China... get with it, would ya?

Anonymous said...

When you feature boring cars, you have a boring site. The next car is the Nissan Note, the last one was the Jetta TDI. The Miata won't be out for two years. The Discovery is interesting only because they made it uglier. Every time I visit this site, it seems that a Hyundai, Toyota or Kia is at the top. C'mon man, mix it up!

Anonymous said...

Vince- I think it's the most tastefully tailored and trimmed car in the segment! It actually looks expensive and mind you this is a Nissan Versa type of segment.

Justin N said...

It's easy to find cars much less inspired than this. They're called Subarus (and VW)

Anonymous said...

This doesn't looks bad to me. It's still better than VW "conservative." However it seems like an alternate reality Kia Optima if the design was evolutionary from the 2006-2010 version. Basically, a little "less" boring.

So Vince, you've seen spy shots of the redesigned Optima? Care to share? :)

- FusioptimaSX