Friday, August 22, 2014

Citroen DS 6WR

This one is not coming over here.
It's not even coming to Europe!

This new Crossover from Citroen is, so far, for China only.
It is about 3 inches shorter than an Audi Q5 and is powered by 1.6 Liter engines ranging from 163HP to 200HP.
A 1.8 Liter Diesel with 140HP is also available.

It doesn't look bad. And I am sure it could find some buyers in Europe...


vince_burlapp_fan said...

Looks very classy! I bet Citroen would be selling tons of them, provided pricing is right.

The interior is ages ahead of crossovers in its class. U.S.Automakers could do well to take notice of the well placed and classy interior

Chad Michael said...

I would buy it here, damn it. What to Citroen come over here as?

Chad Michael said...

I would love to buy it if it came to USA. What do Citroen come to America as?

Anonymous said...

With the long rear doors and super short rear overhang, this looks more like a "real" Citroen than anything else in their lineup! Too bad it's restricted to China for now.

Tard said...

This hideous heap has the front overhang of Dolly Parton on a cold day.

It would be nearly impossible to make it worse without the entire vehicle tipping forward.