Wednesday, August 27, 2014

2015 Datsun mi-DO

A new Datsun, yes. After the on-DO sedan, here is the mi-DO hatchback version.

These are for "emerging" market only.
So these new Datsun models will not make it to Europe or the US.

As you can see, this is a very cheap car. Which is fine.
What is not fine, and actually laughable and ridiculous, is the way Nissan officially describes it:

"The Datsun mi-DO is a practical yet sporty five-door hatchback with a strong masculine appearance: modern, robust and confident".
I haven't read that much PR BS in a long time.

The description should stop right after "practical".
Sporty, masculine, confident, modern etc... have no place here. Someone should look up the actual meaning of these words. (In what country does a car like this qualifies as "masculine" or "sporty"???)
This reads like an article from "The Onion".

Now about these names. mi-DO and on-DO....


Anonymous said...

Give me AC, airbags all around, 5 star crash protection, a slot to install a radio someday, incredible fuel economy, and I would forget all about sporty, masculine, confident, etc. It would be great basic transportation, provided it met my criteria! ;)

Anonymous said...

Why are the reverse lights on the super stretched tail light section? Oy....

- FusioptimaSX

Anonymous said...

If every country in the world was India the name mi-DO would work fine

PGA said...

I looks a bit like the Dacia Sandero (Renault).

Joern said...

I knew this shape looked familiar, somehow. My first guess was Opel Corsa, but after some research I found out it derives from a Lada Kalina, which again is based on the Corsa. Strange, little thing - a Nissan, based on a Lada, based on an Opel.

Anonymous said...

If it's so masculine, why name it after a feminine menstrual product (mi-DOL)?