Thursday, June 12, 2014

New Smart cars coming up

The "regular" 2 seater will be redesigned. But a new 4 door will also join.
Based on the same platform as the new Renault Twingo.

Although, the ForFour version is rumored to be staying in Europe.
Not sure why. Since Smart has been struggling pretty bad in the US, you would think they would welcome another, possibly more popular, model...

Who knows.... (Well.. We will. On July 16th)


Anonymous said...

M-B would be INSANE not to bring the forfour to the US.. I could see it trouncing the Spark, 500L and upcoming Mini 5-door.

Anonymous said...

They say it won't come over here until it's suddenly over here and becomes its best seller.


Anonymous said...

why does it appear they are both 3-door hatches but with different lengths? look at the belt line of each and it appears there is a door handle, unless this is some new design technique being used

Anonymous said...

What you see above are renders, not actual cars. The one on the right is exactly the same as the one on the left, just mirrored and stretched.

The photo first appeared in a German car forum.