Thursday, June 19, 2014

Electric Golf Wagon?

Looks like the wagon version of the new Golf.
Sold in Europe and coming to the US soon.
But... This one is actually electric.

So far, there has been no news about an EV version of the new wagon. (The electric E-Golf hatch is coming out soon)
And it was caught in the US.



Anonymous said...

VW is seriously dragging their feet on bringing new product North America. The revised Sportwagen isn't even getting here until February of 2015. Enough of the marketing VW, you're getting batter at it than selling cars!

Anonymous said...

It is not Electric, its a Hybrid! 1.4TSI gasoline and electrical engine.

Anonymous said...

Is that like cake batter, or should I say kuchen?

Anonymous said...

Ok car manufacturers. Why don't we have more functional hybrids. Rather than offering your sedans with a trunk full of batteries, give us a cool eurosport wagen where a little of the back used for batteries wouldn't be a big deal. The Prius V is a step in the right direction but Toyota has no concept of cool styling.