Tuesday, April 08, 2014

2015 Ford Focus (US)

The usual Aston Martin grille. Now on all Ford cars.

A few details in the back. A cleaned up interior. The current Focus is still very nice looking.
So these changes don't ruin it.

And the new 3 cylinder engine (already available in the US Fiesta) is coming to the Focus as well.
With a 6 speed manual.


Anonymous said...

Provided Ford doesn't get recall happy like everyone else, this could sell!!!! This car looks great!

Anonymous said...

You're looking at a modern-day Ford Escort, people. Take a good look, 'cause you won't remember this car--or this vastly overrated styling language--20 years from now.

The Anonymous said...

Not too bad I suppose. Don't think I like it any better than the current model, but it's not terrible. The "Aston" look still looks better on the Fiesta. I'm curious to see how the more aggressive ST version will look with the updated nose.