Monday, April 14, 2014

2015 Ford Escort

The Escort will be back soon.
But so far, in China only.

It will not be part of Ford's line up for Europe or the US. As we already have the Fiesta and Focus as small sedans.

This is quite conservative, but not bad looking. (At least better than the weird Fiesta Sedan)

And as you can see, the production model (white car on top) stays pretty close to the concept we saw last year (Bottom pic)

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Anonymous said...

The subtle changes have really made this much less interesting. The non-flush door handles, dopy wheels, conventional lighting, all take a lot of the uniqueness away from the concept. Would it take much effort to make this truly exceptional? Glad it's not coming to the US.

Apple or Tesla make exceptional products because they don't allow conventional design to exit the factory. Ford has been doing well lately, but they aren't there yet.