Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Next VW Passat

This IS the next Passat, but which one?

At first, it seems to be the new version of the European model. Which has been testing for a while.
But these pictures are from China.
Where they sell the same version as we have in the US.

This also looks to be a LWB version.
So maybe China will witch to a long version of the European model instead?

VW US has told us to expect a quite extensive refresh for next year. But this looks much too different to just be a "refresh".

No matter what it is, it's not very exciting. As the interior doesn't look that much better than the current US Passat....

Monday, April 28, 2014

All new VW Sedan. Coupe. Thing...

 That didn't take long. We've just seen the "Mid Sized Coupe Concept" a few days ago. And here are the 1st shots of the production version.
And surprise, they are the same car. (!) What VW tried to pass for a concept was basically the production car with bigger wheels.
While it just looked conservative as a concept, the production version looks like a 10 year old design. At best.

That interior looks like it could have been in the previous generation Jetta. Or the Passat from 12 years ago.
There is just NOTHING new here. It's almost weird...

Not sure if this is still supposed to be above the current Jetta. Or eventually replacing it.
(It sure does NOT look very premium...)

This shows such arrogance from VW.

These are pix of the concept. Just as a reminder. Sure, red and shiny does look a bit better....

Ford testing Fiesta....

A new engine?
Mule for the next one?

What do you think???

Friday, April 25, 2014

Ford Ecosport testing in the US

 This picture was taken in the US.
Which means Ford might be thinking seriously about selling us the small Fiesta Based SUV.
(I haven't seen any Ecosport prototypes testing in the US yet)

It would deb right on time to compete with a revised Nissan Juke, but especially the all new Honda HR-V and the "just announced for the US" Chevrolet Trax.
Here is the one currently sold over seas. In China, Thailand, India and South America.
It uses a small 1.0 Liter engine similar to the one now available in the Fiesta.

BYD Denza EV

This is mostly interesting as it is a joint venture between Mercedes and Chinese BYD.
(I have heard before that it is based on the previous generation Mercedes B-Class.)

They also claim a range of over 180 miles, which is actually really good and about twice the range of other EVs like the Nissan Leaf.

Let's hope this technology spreads out to other Mercedes models outside of China.

Thursday, April 24, 2014

2015/16 Lexus IS-F

The super sport version of the new IS is just around the corner. Packing a 450hp V8.

From what we can see here, it will look even more vulgar than the regular V6 version.
With more black plastic trim, scoops, wings, spoilers etc...

I guess some people want that...

Self cleaning car. From Nissan

This is the worst news ever for carwash businesses around the world.

Nissan has come up with a self cleaning paint.

So far, they are not planning to use it on a production car (not sure why. Except maybe death threats from carwash owners?)
But it could be an after market thing.

It does seem pretty cool.
Although I would love to see how this work on a black car....

2015 Ford S-Max testing in the US

We've all pretty much seen how the next S-Max will look like.
It will be a production version of last year's S-Max concept. Which looks great.

But this early test mule was caught in the US. And the S-Max has never been sold in the US. So far...

I think it would be a good idea for Ford to bring it over here.

On another note, the S-Max mule was parked next to a giant, covered up pick up truck. Which could be the next F-350.

Here is the concept. This would be a nice modern alternative to the super conservative bloated minivans we are getting here...

Wednesday, April 23, 2014

2015 Toyota Yaris.

The Yaris is getting a new look for 2015.
Not as much as the Camry, but still. A whole new front and revised rear and interior.

The car pictured here is the Hybrid version which we don't get.
(Since it would compete with the Prius C)

And we don't get the cool glass roof either...

Sunday, April 20, 2014

Hyundai ix25

Looks like Hyundai is getting their own Kia Soul.

Why not. At least it has its own design.
Which doesn't look half has good as the Kia version.

The new Sonata, and now this. They are getting more and more conservative these days...

Honda Spirior

Another Chinese Honda sedan with a ghastly front end.
And a stupid name. (It sounds like someone who can't pronounce "Superior"...)

There is also a rumor that it could end up in Europe as the new Euro Accord.
(Although I though the new Acura TLX was...)

I cannot imagine anyone in Europe buying a car that looks like this.

Lincoln MKX Concept

As we all know, this is pretty much what the production version will look like.
Except for details.
Just like the MKC was almost exactly like its concept version.

It looks very nice and elegant. Again, it has an "American Lexus" feel to it.
Which I think is where Lincoln is trying to be...

Chinese Chevrolet Cruze

Just a few more pix of the new Cruze.
The real "New Cruze". Unlike our 2015 model.

Compared to the one we saw yesterday, the white car on top looks to be a base model.

The interior seems really nice. Even a bit more upscale than the current car.

Saturday, April 19, 2014

VW Midsize Coupe Concept

So wrong...

This is NOT a coupe. At all. No matter how far you stretch the meaning of the word.
It is a nice looking sedan, sure. (But not even as slick as the current 6 year old CC!)

This, at best, is a preview of the next Euro Passat. Or maybe the next Jetta.
It shouldn't be called a coupe. And it shouldn't be a concept.
It doesn't even look that modern now!

What is wrong with these people???

All new 2015 Chevrolet Cruze

 So the all new Cruze was delayed for the US, but not in China...
What a shame.

China is getting this all new model this year, and all we are getting is an awkward "refresh' of the old one.
Some people have mentioned that the new "Chinese Cruze" is actually a specific, shorter model for that country.
Which makes zero sense. Since this is the car we have seen testing around the globe for such a long time now.
This IS the new Cruze.

Here are the prototypes that have been caught for what seems almost 2 years now.
They are the same car that the one being presented in China this week.
And the one we are getting here eventually.

How sad GM chose to sell the equivalent of a warmed up TV dinner to the US. Instead of a brand new model...

Mercedes Concept Coupe SUV

What the hell?

Looks like someone at Mercedes wanted a BMW X6 (Just 5549 sold in the US last year) really bad. Or an Acura ZDX??? (Discontinued)

This is really bad. Design, proportions. Nothing seems to fit together.

Let's hope this one stays a concept....

BMW Vision Future Luxury Concept

Looks like they couldn't find an actual name for the car.

This is supposed to give us an idea of what the upcoming 9 series could look like.
And it sure does look nice.

But this kind of design should be out today. This should be the next 7 or 5 series. Not some super expensive, 2 or 3 years away model.

We'll see in a couple of years how much of it is left once produced...

2015 Ford Escort

As mentioned before, this is only for the Chinese market.
Not sure what Ford sells over there, but this looks to be the size of a Fiesta sedan.

Interior doesn't look as bad as it could. This being a cheap car.
And the overall design is super boring, but not ugly at all.

There is really nothing wrong here. This is a super model next to a Versa.

Audi TT Offroad Concept

This is the second Offroad style concept based on the new TT.

It looks like Audi is trying to tell us something. Like, they really want to jack up the new TT and turn it into an SUV.
Out of all the cars they have, they choose their one sports car to do this.
Like if Mazda wanted to jack up the Miata and add 2 more doors to it.

But I must say, I do like the end result. No matter what it is based on, it does looks like a nice hatchback/wagon  ...

So maybe this could actually work...

Thursday, April 17, 2014

2016 Lincoln MKX Concept coming soon

Lincoln will start selling cars in China really soon.
(Which is pretty much the only hope they have to make some money and save the brand right now.)

They are really praying for a "Buick Miracle" to happen over there.

They will be sending first the MKZ sedan and the new MKC SUV.
But will also soon show a concept version of the next generation MKX.
Which we can see in the teaser video above.

The MKC is very nice looking in person. And the new concept also looks great.
Maybe Lincoln is on to something. Instead of chasing Cadillac, running after BMW/Mercedes.
They could be the American Lexus...

Another larger sedan is also coming next.

I believe this is the front end of the new large sedan Lincoln is working on.
(Whether they call it MKS or not...)
Attached to a stretched version of the current Ford Fusion on this test mule caught last month.

And I think this might very well be the production version of the next MKX.

Coming up with good and good looking cars is just the 1st step.
Buick is still having a tough time in the US convincing a younger audience.

And I had a 1st hand experience with Cadillac's image when I test drove the ATS for a whole week a few moths ago.
Most of the younger people I talked to and showed the car to (I am even including some in their early 40's) told me they would never even consider a Cadillac. Even if it is as good as the German competition.
As we live in a world where image is about as important as the actual product.

Quite a stupid and illogical behavior, but at the same time, a though reality for car makers who spent decades trashing their own image with crappy cars...