Friday, February 28, 2014

2015/16 Audi Q7

Seems that the new Q7 keeps being delayed.
Now they are taking about 2015. Exactly 10 years after the current model came out.

I think the current one still looks pretty good. And I don't really expect much from the next one.
Which will look like an amalgam of things we've seen before.
A blend of 4 year old concept front end, and the usual Audi shapes.

Next Renault Espace

This is still just an illustration. ( I think)
but looking really good.

Again, this seems to go towards a high wagon/crossover look. Unlike the minivan design of previous generations.

Of course, this is not for us...

2015 Nissan Juke

Amazing how many teaser they can release, for a car that has so few changes.

All I can see here are new turn signals and a slightly new shape for the grille.

We'll have to wait to find out if there is a new interior, engine etc... Or not.

Audi TT evolution

This makes me really miss the 1st one.
It was like nothing else on the road....

2015 Jeep Renegade

That is supposedly the name of the upcoming small Jeep model.
(The one that will be share a platform with the Fiat 500X Crossover.)

So far, from the spy pix we've seen around, it looks like a typical square Jeep with round headlights.
Which isn't bad.  (although that sounds like the Patriot a lot...)

And it also looks like we won't have to wait to long to see it since it might be shown at the upcoming Geneva Auto Show.

2017 Opel Monza SUV

The German press is reporting that Opel will get a new large SUV called the Monza for 2017.
It will share its platform with other GM models.

Which basically means, that Opel will be getting its version of the next Buick Enclave.
Since Buick and Opel and pretty much merging into "one brand with 2 names".

So I really don't think it will loo as sporty and low as the illustration above...

It seems to be the trend in Europe these days. The range topping SUV instead of a large sedan.
(Citroen is also scheduled to unveil a large luxury SUV. And the next Renault Espace will look much more like a luxury crossover than a Minivan.)

2015 Audi TT

First picture so far.
Many more coming very soon.

And the is looking pretty sad. Not new at all. Like all "new" Audi designs, a squared off version of the current model.

The TT has always been a really nice looking car, and this is still. But at the same time, I think it is quite insulting to call it new.

I wonder what is wrong at Audi that they are so unable to come up with any new designs....

Thursday, February 27, 2014

VW T-Roc Concept

Yes another one!

Another SUV concept from VW.
 Meanwhile, none of the previous ones have turned into a production model yet.

We still have to see production versions of the Taigun, Crossblue or Crossblue Coupe.
They don't need more concepts, they need new models.

There isn't much on the horizon for the US. Except a new front end for the Jetta in a couple of months,  Sportwagen and the 2 year old Golf....

Unless this shows us what the next Tiguan will look like, there is really no reason for it.

What could have been: 2009 Jeep Grand Cherokee

 This doesn't look like a Jeep to me at all. More like a Dodge Durango.
But I hear this was an early proposal for the 2009 redesign.

The real thing.

Mystery Buick

This was caught in China. (A.K.A "The land of Buicks")

It is not the Lacrosse. Not the Regal air Verano. And not the China Only Excelle.
The top pic shows side lines similar to the Lacrosse though.

What is this???

Opel Insignia Country Tourer

A while ago, GM's product boss Marc Reuss was quoted saying:

"I still think no one's offering a really good, affordable, fun, good looking, fun to drive wagon at a reasonable price point...
There's a lot of wagons in the market, but they're all really expensive and there's a lot of people that can't afford that, and I think there is an opportunity here"

First, I don't think "there's a lot of wagons in the market". (Not in the US market)
Second, how about selling us the one you are already making. Like the Insignia Tourer!

Many people have said for years that this would make a great Regal Wagon.
This looks like a bad case of "PR BS" from GM.
Quit complaining about the US not getting a cool wagon when you're already building one.


2015 Audi TT

Just a small teaser video. Showing us that "real artists" worked on the new TT.
(Even though it will look just a squared off version of the current one.)

Audi seems to be so afraid of designing anything new. 

More pictures of the Volvo Estate Concept


It could be really sad if this never turns into a production car...

Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Opel Astra OPC Extreme

This is a crazy looking super sport version of the Astra coupe.
Powered by a 300HP version of their 2.0 Liter Turbo. (seems that every European car maker now has a 2.0 Liter with 300HP...)

This car is actually mostly for track use. I would guess.

But I was just thinking... This would make the most insane Buick ever.
Sort of a crazy 21st Century Grand National....

Volvo Concept Estate

Basically a wagon version of the Concept Coupe we saw a few months ago.
Basically modern versions of the old P1800 models.
Which is great.

This one looks fantastic.
And also, ready to go!

But... I am afraid this will either never turn into a production car. Or will be many years from now, when it's too late.
Volvo should have this car now!

But all we've been seeing testing around (forever) is the next XC90.
And that is still almost a year away.
Nothing else has been spied. Which means nothing else is coming for at least 2 years.


2015 Audi TT

All I am saying is: don't expect much...

It will basically looked like a squared off version of the current 7 year old design.
Sure, it will be 'all new". But like all recent Audis, it won't look new. At all.
Only owners of the current model will be able to tell the difference...

I really like the TT. But think it is really sad to see the lack of evolution in the design.
You know things are bad when the 1998 model still looks better and more original...

We will see the real thing very soon. But again, don't expect much.

2015 Nissan Juke

the top picture is the second teaser for the updated Juke.
The red car is the current model.

As you can see, not much is changing. At least from the rear angle.
I didn't except much, since this is only a mid-cycle refresh. But this looks like a case of "why bother" so far...

Alfa Romeo 4C Spider

Alfa is rumored to present a convertible (Spider) version of its 4C sports car at the Geneva Auto show next month.
It makes sense . As the 4C already looks like it was designed for both versions.

The picture above is just an illustration. But the rumors do mention new headlight designs and wheels for the topless car.

And again, let's hope will will actually see the 4C in the States. Ever.
News keep changing about Alfa's return to the US.

We are still scheduled to get the 4C before the end of this year. At some select Fiat dealers.
But then what???
Nothing else is ready for Alfa.
They need new products pronto. The 4C will only sell in very limited number.

They can't just send over the 4C and then nothing for 2 years....

2015 Mini Clubman

Here is a picture comparing the concept we saw yesterday to the real thing, testing in Europe.

It looks like the production model is really close. But the proportions are different enough to make it much less aggressive looking.
Windows are much taller in the production model.
But it looks like the weird "non-Mini" looking horizontal tail alights will remain.

R.I.P: Honda Insight

Honda is killing a car that most people thought was dead already.
So not many people will be crying...

The 2nd version of the Insight was mostly a disappointment.
Instead of something corky and original like the 1st one. They came up with a car that looked like a copy of the Prius. With worst mileage.

Reviews we usually not kind.
Although, I must say, that at a price starting under $19 000, with a 41/44MPG rating. It doesn't seem like such a bad package.
But look around and you find the Prius C for the same price and getting 53/46MPG.

On top of that, non hybrids are also getting impressive numbers these days. Like the 45MPG Fiesta.

Sales of the current Insight went from 20 572 in 2009. To 4802 last year.

Tuesday, February 25, 2014

2015 Mercedes C-Class Coupe

This is just an illustration.
But the next C-Class coupe might be an easy guess.
Just take the new 2014 C-Class sedan, throw in a bit of the all new S-Class coupe. Stir. Don't shake.

I do hope they revise the front end. Like they did on the S-Class coupe compared to the sedan.
A coupe should always be more than a 2 door sedan....

SsangYong XLV Concept

SsangYong has never sold cars in the US.
But that might change soon. Since they have recently announced their entry in our market, under another name.
This could be as soon as next year. And the name has not been released yet. (But anything will be better than SsangYong...)

So this new concept might actually give us an idea of what they are thinking of bringing over here.
(As their current line up is pretty old.)

Do we need another brand in the US? One that specializes in SUVs.
(This is pretty much what Isuzu was doing)

Or could this be something different? Is it too weird?

What do you think???

Just thought I'd mention: I took the subway today!

I know I know. Not really car news.

But Vince Burlapp news. As this was my first time ever using the Metro system in L.A.
I have used subways in NewYork, Boston, San Francisco, Europe etc... But never here.
Since, like most people in L.A, I go everywhere with my car. (Or the ones I am lucky enough to test drive).

And it was a really good experience. I know this is no big deal to my European or east coast readers.
But why not mentioning a good experience. One that has just a little to do with cars (or lack of as mine was "in the shop"). 

Jaguar XFR-S Sportbrake

 This is really not my kind of car...
I do like jaguars. And wagons too.
But the blue (They always seem to use the same blue, at least BMW M or Audi) lowered sports car with oversized wheels, blacked out chrome and too much power... Not really. It just turns a classy looking Jaguar into something that is just too vulgar.

I guess there is a small audience for this. And I'm sure Jaguar feels they need to compete.

This new XFR-S version is powered by a 5.0 Liter Supercharged V8 with 550HP.

Now this is much more interesting. (to me).
More of what a Jaguar should look like.

But no matter what, Jaguar won't sell the Sportbrake in the US...

Mazda Hazumi concept

This is just a sketch so far.
But if Mazda can really produce a Mazda2 that is even half that good looking, it should be fantastic.

Since it will be produced in Mexico, the next "2" could be more popular in the US.
If Mazda spend some advertising money on it that is...

And please, make it a full car. With more models and options.

2014 VW CrossPolo

The newer version is on top.

The Polo just got revised (slightly) for the new year, and here is the CrossPolo version.
As you can see, it is harder than ever to tell the new one from the current model. (bottom)

Still, the "new" Polo does come with a bunch of new engines.
Among them a new 3 Cylinder turbo to better compete with the Fiesta.

And still, it will not be sold in the US. Where VW has no need whatsoever for new models.
Since no one here buys anything smaller than a Golf, right?

Mini Clubman Concept

This is basically for us to get used to the idea of a 4 door Mini Cooper.
A regular 4 door, not the larger Countryman model.

But this is really weird, since the upcoming 4 door Mini won't look like this at all.
The interior is pure concept. 
The rear lights are really weird. Very "un-Mini".

So basically it takes the Clubman and adds 2 more doors. 
Would they even do that, offer the next Clubman with either 2 or 4 doors?

Mini is now becoming as confusing as BMW...

 This is the upcoming 4 door version of the new 2014 Mini.
As you can see, it looks exactly the same as the regular model, except for the 2 additional small rear doors.