Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Suzuki Hustler

 This is definitely not coming over here.

We don't get Suzukis any more.
It's way too small.
It's called "Hustler"!

But I still think it is really cute. Powered by a tiny 660CC engine with a CVT. AWD is an option.

Seems pretty roomy too.

And look! There is even a tent extension option. Complete with window shades.
So it can be turned into a tiny camper van.


PGA said...

It is really a cute car.

I like it!

Imjus Sayin said...

Look Honey I shrunk the Toyota FJ Cruiser. What a coincidence.

Les said...

I am still pissed-off that Suzuki US would rather die than offer this type of car stateside.

Instead of selling us the cars that made Suzuki one of the top-ten car makers in the world, they offered us the Suzuki Verona and a re-badged Nissan Frontier.

I hope that the executive who kept saying NO to these cars is now flipping burgers. That would be karma.

Anonymous said...

This type of Japanese toy cars does not meet US safety standard. And people are pretty small there in Japan.

Anonymous said...

Suzuki Soul, I think it's great!