Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Hyundai Azera/Grandeur Hybrid

hyundai hybrid azera grandeur 2014 2015

hyundai hybrid azera grandeur 2014 2015
Not sure if this will make it to the US as the Azera Hybrid or not.
But the Korean market is getting a Hybrid version. Powered by a 2.4 Liter with 159HP with a 35KW electric motor.
(Pretty much the same as the Kia Optima hybrid and the Korean K7/Cadenza.)

It it come here, its real competition would be the Toyota Avalon Hybrid.


Anonymous said...

It looks like a Buick - a "waterfall" grille, but with the Hyundai logo rather than a Buick tri-shield and flowing design lines.

Anonymous said...

I don't believe that Hyundai's hybrids have been all that impressive. This rather hideous design won't do it any favors either.

buttybutter said...

Yikes that's an ugly grill. I saw a current body style one the other day and thought the rear and sides looked great but the front was a bit frumpy. This however, takes it to a new level of ugly. Don't do it Hyundai, this looks like shit.

Unknown said...

The rear looks like the Avalon !

Anonymous said...

Hyundai has milked the knockoff Audi/Avalon/LaCrosse gimmick for long enough. Audi and Buick have evolved, but Hyundai hasn't. This looks old and dumpy.

Anonymous said...

This came out before the Avalon.