Tuesday, December 03, 2013

4 Door Ford Mustang prototype.

Since this is "Mustang Week", I thought this was interesting.
A 4 door Mustang prototype from the 60's.

Also interesting, Ford was still thinking of a 4 door car based Mustang as late as 2008.

I wonder if they will use the new "2015 Mustang" platform for a RWD sedan.
Seems that Lincoln could  use something like that...


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Anonymous said...

They had one, it was called a Falcon, which is what the Ma vustang was based off of.

Anonymous said...

Wow...talk about bland. A 4 door version of the current one would have been great! They need to use this platform for a Lincoln...it's really a waste if they don't!


Anonymous said...

Lincoln had it. The Lincoln LS. The LS was the platform for our 2005- current mustang. Which was also one of the ugliest jaguars in history.