Friday, December 20, 2013

2015 Jaguar XS

This just an illustration. Looking just OK.
Let's hope the real thing is actually more original. As it should be.

There are now rumors about starting price at a bit over $30 000. Which could be slightly cheaper than the new C-Class.
This will share its new platform with the SUV we saw as a concept a few months ago. And although the SUV concept already came out, the production version of the sedan will be available before the SUV.
A coupe is also supposed to follow. And maybe a convertible since now even the C-Class will have one.


Anonymous said...


It looks like someone photoshopped a Cadillac ATC or CTS. At least that's what the greenhouse reminds me of...

Anonymous said...

It's based on a ATS picture. Let's hope the reel thing dosen't look like this. Jaguar has to come up with a more upscale design.