Thursday, December 05, 2013

2015 Ford Mustang GT

Looking better in the official pix.
While still not as pure and simple as the 2005.
And it could even look much better in person, since it is also wider and lower than the outgoing model.

The interior design seems very complicated. Lots of stuff going on here. Everywhere.

The GT is still powered by the 5.0 Liter V8 with "more than 420HP".
The new Ecoboost 2.3Liter Turbo will also be available eon non GT models. It should produce "more than 305HP".
An "upgraded" version of the old V6 is still the base model.
(Although, just like the 2.5Liter in the Fusion, it could quickly become a fleet only option.)


Anonymous said...

Looks fantastic, like a mustang should on 2015. Like the lovechild of a fusion, an Aston Martin and a 64 mustang.
The only thing that bugs me, and I think it looks miles better than the my2013, if you cover the front and back, this could be anything, even a Toyota or a Hyundai.

Anonymous said...

They should have made this new Mustang with a proper hatch in the rear than with the tiny trunk.

Captain Midnight said...

Rear 3/4 is nice. The front end treatment is bland. The interior is hideous. To similar to outgoing model.

Anonymous said...

In these photos, I can only say that it looks like a nice evolution of the current model. Not exactly a redesign or "new" Mustang. The biggest news is the independent rear suspension.

Mobis21 said...

Ford has scored a triple play with the re-launch of the all new Mustang. First with the Coupe and second, the Convertible and lastly by offering a turborized 2.3liter 4cyl 305 horsepower, 300 ft-pound-torque engine!

The exterior looks very sharp and stunning. The interior though improved, has too many buttons in the center stack. Otherwise this is in one word, simply Awesome!

Well done Ford.

The Anonymous said...

Not really feeling the interior. I think the center stack kills it for me. It just has too much going on... too many shapes, angles and buttons for my liking. Everything else looks ok I guess.

Anonymous said...


We have done a great job relaunching the all new Mustang. Aren't we great? Line up to buy the car. And if the 2.3 turbo is repairs prone, we will fix it under recalls.