Tuesday, December 31, 2013

2013: Spy shots recap.

Here are a few of the spy shots published over the past year. 
Which ones are you waiting for?
mazda mazda6 wagon awd 2014 2015 spy spyshot
 Mazda 6X?

 Large Cadillac sedan?

mercedes eclass spy spyshots sedan 2016 2017 car
 2016 Mercedes E-Class?

 nissan maxima concept spy spyshot 2015 newmaxima new
 2015 Nissan Maxima?

 Electric VW Passat?

 infiniti coupe q60 2015 2016 new car spy spyshot
Infiniti Q60 Coupe?


Carl said...

None of the above.

Anonymous said...

Mazda 6 diesel wagon. C'mon, someone has to challenge the Golf TDI wagon! Anyone?

Anonymous said...

I'lll take that Mazda wagon (with AWD).

Anonymous said...

Mazda should be very careful. With the size of the Mazda 6, that would make this 6-Wagon pretty sizable as well.... that didn't bode well for the Honda Crosstour. If Mazda wants to sell a wagon in the US market, they need to learn quick that its dimensions should be a bit more compact so it seems more like a tall wagon/lowered SUV (similar to the previous gen Mazda 6 wagon) than a full blown family estate wagon. Go for the lifestyle people that Subaru attracts - ie: just a little bigger than an Outback.