Thursday, November 14, 2013

Subaru Crossover 7 Concept

 Subaru did say they will be a replacement for the Tribeca.
So a big wagon does make sense.

But it looks a lot like the 2009 Exiga pictured bellow.
Like an updated, not "all new", version.

Maybe they decided to bring the Exiga over after all. Jacked up with a new front end and other small changes. So Americans will think it's "brand new".


Anonymous said...

Damn that's ugly!

Anonymous said...

There are some carmakers that never seem to progress. This thing looks twenty years old.

Anonymous said...

I highly doubt it. It will be based on the Tribeca... it will just be reconfigured.

Anonymous said...

The Exiga (and the pic is definitely just a facelifted version of the current car) is more closely related to the Impreza than the Legacy/Liberty. It is therefore smaller than a Tribeca. The current Exiga was initially sold in Australia as a six-seater because the middle-row centre-seat did not have a lap-sash seatbelt. This was rectified and it is now sold in Oz in fairly small numbers as a 7-seater.