Tuesday, August 06, 2013

Volvo's future models

This is a roadmap of Volvo's upcoming models, according to AutoNews.

Most of these models will use the new SPA platform, with all new 4 cylinder engines.
Apparently, they can match the power of their current 5 and 6 cylinder engines while improving fuel economy by 30%. We'll see....

- C70..........Discontinued at the end of this year.
- XC90.......All new model in late 2014. On the new SPA platform.
-S80...........All new model in 2015. Possible C80 coupe version later.
-S60..........All new version in 2016.
-XC60.......New version in 2016.
-XV70.......New version in 2015/16 called XC80

And were are getting the super good looking V60 wagon early next year.
I have seen a few of them in Europe, and it looks great in person.

Good for them for bringing a real wagon back.


6-speed said...

Swedish sex appeal, Chinese money.

Anonymous said...

Looks like the FORD design influence is still very much there--and that's a GOOD thing!

Anonymous said...

What of the V40, XC40 and a possible C30 replacement? Volvo seems to have dropped the ball on offering a smaller vehicle to the US just as M-B, BMW and Audi are moving into the entry-luxury market.

Anonymous said...

they said future use of XC miniker will be for SUVs only, and wagon vehicles with raised suspension will get the Cross Country moniker