Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Volvo Concept Coupe

A lot of really nice looking things here. Yet, for some reason, it comes off as a bit generic. At least to me.
It does reminds me of the old P1800 in the 3/4 rear shot, which is great. But it seems the design tries very hard to be futuristic and retro at the same time.
Which doesn't seem to work everywhere.

At least they are trying a new design direction, which is fine. Plus, a nice looking small Volvo coupe would be great.
The concept is a hybrid plug-in with a 2.0 Liter engine producing 400HP.


Anonymous said...

Rear quater = Studebaker Avanti?

Anonymous said...

Teasers were so much better. Yuk! Gross I sell toyota s

Anonymous said...

Nice design but I wonder how that power train works because that's a lot of power for a 2.0 hybrid

Anonymuse said...

I like the muscle car lines in this better than in many of the American muscle cars, LOL.

Anonymous said...

I think this is stunning!

Anonymous said...

Beautiful new boldness. Hard to see as small, though. Looks hefty.