Sunday, August 04, 2013

Porsche Macan

Just the interior for now.
Everything is as expected. As this looks like a blend of every other Porsche interiors out there.

Which is fine, I guess. The Cayenne's smaller and cheaper brother is based on the Audi Q5.

So pricing should end up between the $37 000 Q5 and $50 000 Cayenne V6.
Which would make it the cheapest Porsche available.


Anonymous said...

..and the only FWD-based one (so far).

Anonymous said...

There are a crazy number of buttons there....

Anonymous said...

"..and the only FWD-based one (so far)."

We've heard this about Audis for years. And it remains nothing more than a meaningless dig.

Carl said...

Cheapest Porsche.. then you add the not so cheap plethora of options that German cars should have standard.