Wednesday, August 28, 2013

More pix of the Ford S-Max Concept

Looking really good. If Ford won't sell it in the US, maybe this should come over as a Lincoln?
Why not.


Anonymous said...

Ford has done a very nice job design wise. Now it is time to also improve reliability.

Anonymuse said...

Do they sell an accessory to grow an herb garden on the dash? They could.

Anonymous said...

"Now it is time to also improve reliability."

Seriously? Ford ranks near the top of every reliability survey. Though they do need to evolve their infotainment systems.

Anonymous said...

Beautiful design. Ford really is owning Europe these days. I do hope that Ford moves away from including all secondary information in the nav screen. Climate control temperatures don't need to be there, for instance. Range Rover has done a great job of putting those readouts within the dials themselves. If Ford wants to maintain the clean uncluttered look of their dash layouts, they could do something similar.