Wednesday, August 14, 2013

And how about even more Mercedes GLA pictures

We are getting the AWD version first. And it is still about a year away!
Fall 2014.
While the cheaper FWD version is coming over early 2015.

That is a long, long time....


Les said...

I see that they are using the same awkward column shift that we get on the Canadian B-Class.

That abomination looks and feels cheap, and it provides absolutely no feedback into what gear you are in. That means that you can't select a gear without looking at the dash for confirmation.

let's hope they fixed the seating position compared to the B. I'm just over 6 feet, and I can not get comfortable. No such problem in the C-Class.

Anonymous said...

um...if I removed the badge, would it be a large Infiniti EX?

Anonymous said...

Dumb move. Moves the Mercedes Cache into the range of Corola/Kia/VW/Fiesta BIG mistake.