Friday, August 30, 2013

Nissan Versa Note test drive coming up.

I've just been told I will be driving a 2014 Versa Note next week.

I've been pretty curious about that car.
As the Versa sedan is, to me, one of the ugliest car around, I do like the Note.

I think it is much better looking than the upcoming redesigned Honda Fit. Which would be its main competition in the US.
With pricing ranging from around $15 000 to $20 000 loaded, it is also pretty affordable.
(I just wish they would offer the glass roof available in other markets)

As usual, if you have any questions about the car...

Thursday, August 29, 2013

2015 Volvo S80?

This was shown during a design presentation, linked to the Concept Coupe reveal.

Designers were explaining how design elements of the concept would end up in production models.
What we see in this picture is obviously the rear door of a sedan.

Since the S80 is next in line (after the XC90)...

2014 Volvo XC90

So far just a couple of teaser shots from Volvo.
Looking more angular, just like the next Audi Q7.

It has the T shaped LEDs from the coupe concept too.

But let's hope that the whole grille doesn't actually lit up in real life. This is way too much LEDs .
It seems kind of crazy to light up the whole grille and logo . I mean why not cover the whole car in LEDs?

We'll see the rest pretty soon...

Wednesday, August 28, 2013

36 mph HWY for the 2014 Chevrolet Malibu

And 25 City. An improvement compared to last year's 22/34 figures.

These are really good numbers for a mid sized car. I reviewed the Turbo version last year and thought it was a great driving car.
 I also experienced the 2.5 Liter in the Impala recently and thought it was super smooth, refined and quiet. With just enough power for most uses.

The smaller revised Malibu with the 2.5 Liter should be really good. I can't wait to review it.

New Kia Koup

I test drove the curent model a couple of years ago, and thought it was a good car.
With a very nice design.

This new one just looks like a melted version of the previous one.
Not a really original design at all.

It seems that Kia/Hyundai isn't putting any efforts into designing coupe versions of their sedans. This is almost as boring as the Elantra coupe.

Even more pictures of the volvo Concept Coupe

 These are really good shots, making the car look great. Still, I don't think it is that original...
Here is the one we saw last week, trying to guess what it was.
Now with official logos.

Volvo Concept Coupe

A lot of really nice looking things here. Yet, for some reason, it comes off as a bit generic. At least to me.
It does reminds me of the old P1800 in the 3/4 rear shot, which is great. But it seems the design tries very hard to be futuristic and retro at the same time.
Which doesn't seem to work everywhere.

At least they are trying a new design direction, which is fine. Plus, a nice looking small Volvo coupe would be great.
The concept is a hybrid plug-in with a 2.0 Liter engine producing 400HP.

More pix of the Ford S-Max Concept

Looking really good. If Ford won't sell it in the US, maybe this should come over as a Lincoln?
Why not.

Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Ford S-Max Concept

 The current Euro Van S-Max came out in 2006. So a replacement is coming out soon.
This "concept" is pretty much the next -Max.

No surprises. Just take an old S-Max,  a new Fiesta, mix things up and there you go: The new S-Max.

Just like the old one, it is not scheduled for the US. I guess the "one Ford" doesn't work with the S-Max. (Just like with the Taurus...)
Here is the old one. Still rather good looking. Much more modern than these huge lumpy minivans we are getting over here...

Geely to sell cars in the US by 2016.

More claims of Chinese cars coming over here.
This time from Geely.  Volvo's Chinese owner.

They now plan to export cars developed with Volvo. Which probably means they will use Volvo designed platforms for their future cars.
The opposite of what they said a few years ago when they wanted to keep the two brands separate.

I think Volvo still has a good image amongst car buyers. As most of them have no idea about the Chinese involvement.

But a Volvo based Chinese car might still be considered as "cheap crap" in Europe and the US...

Good luck...

Monday, August 26, 2013

Infiniti Q30 Concept

This is still a concept. I guess the second on the same idea of a small Infiniti luxury hatchback.

This time let's hope it is close to the production car. As it looks pretty nice the way it is now.
It is also supposed to share its platform with the Mercedes A class. So it could  be using the 2.0 Liter Turbo from that car. (as well as the CLS and GLA)

Infiniti does need something with decent gas mileage.

Long wheelbase Nissan Altima coming up

In China only.

Where it seems that about every sedan gets a long wheelbase version.

The Altima is actually called the Teana over there. Which used to be the name for a local version of the Maxima.

The most interesting thing is the glass roof we see on the picture. Which would be a nice option to have in the US on our Altima.

Volvo Concept C

  Looking good already from these teaser images.
Although Volvo has shown us some really nice looking concepts over the past few years. None of them became a production model (yet).

So we'll have to wait and see for what could be a replacement for the C70 model.

We can safely say that the "Mystery car" from last week has been discovered...

Volvo S40 coming to the US?

A few Volvo execs are supposelly pushing the brand to sell their new small S40 in the US.
Same people who are responsible for bringing us the V60 wagon next year.
"The V40 is a great small vehicle, and we would love to have it here". Says Mr. Tassos Panas from Volvo US.
Sure. So do I.

But 1st they would have to homologate it. Which isn't cheap. Although it is scheduled to get the new family of 4 cylinder engines next year. And the engines are US ready, since they will also be used in their other models.
So why no.
They are mostly scared of not selling it. Since everyone still thinks the US market doesn't like hatchbacks.

It would mostly compete here with the Audi A3. Which sold less than 10 000 units in the US and Canada last year...

Sunday, August 25, 2013

2015 Nissan Maxima?

Just got this picture from a reader. All I know is that it was taken in Death Valley.
And it is really, really covered up. So it could almost be anything.

But I does resemble the picture we've seen before of the upcoming concept.
This could be quite a slick looking sedan. 

BMW 2 series

The new 2 series will replace the 1 series coupe and convertible next year.
It is based on the 2nd generation 1 series. So just like the 4 series is just a new name for the 3 series coupe, the 2 is the coupe version of the 1.

These are still just illustrations, but it's never that hard to guess what a new BMW will look like. So they are probably really close.

We should see the real thing (At least the Coupe) at the Los Angeles auto show in November.

2014 Toyota Land Cruiser: Even worse than the Lexus GX

Just when you thought the new grille on the revised 2014 GX was bad. This comes out.
The Toyota version. (Sold overseas as the land Cruiser).

This has to be the worse, most offensive, vulgar looking front end ever designed.

As for the interior. It is pretty much the same as the Lexus, minus the assy looking fake metal trim. So it's actually about 3% better...

2014 Kia Soul with "SUV Styling Pack".

The new SUV Styling pack is an option for the 2014 Kia Soul. In Europe only...

It does make the Soul design rather busy, but somehow, I think it works. At least it kind of fit the corky personality of the Soul.

I think it should at least be an option over here too. Why not.

2014 Audi Q7

 After all these years, an all new, much lighter, Q7 is on its way.

Audi seems to go towards a more squared off look for its upcoming models. The current designs, like the A3, are kind of half way there.

The newQ7 original design was reworked as it was reportedly considered to blunt.
Looks like the Crosslane concept from last year was really a preview of things to come.

Friday, August 23, 2013

Mystery Car.

This picture has been around all day, in various sites. Yet no one seems to know what it is.
It looks like it came from a Tweet by Wallpaper Magazine. Yet there is nothing on their site about the picture or the car.

The lack of any logo seems weird. Like they have been photoshopped out. But who did it? The manufacturer? The magazine?
Some are guessing it is a Chrysler. Just because of the shape of the wheel. But Chrysler isn't using the Pentastar anymore. Or are they?

That grille could be from anyone. Including Chinese brands.
The tweet mentions "a surprising makeover from this car brand". Which would imply a famous brand.
This seems to be quite large.

My guesses are:

- Next Taurus.
-Next Lincoln MKS
-Large Kia
-Chrysler 300
-Volvo S80

Let's not forget this is a concept. So an actual production model might look quite different.

What do you think???