Saturday, July 27, 2013

Unsafe cars in Latin America

Most cars sold by Nissan, Renault, GM etc... sold in latin America countries are actually based on older 90's models.
Like the local Nissan Tsuru, which is based on a Sentra from a few generations ago.
These cars are also sold without airbags.
Although from these crash test videos, it looks like airbags wouldn't be enough to make these cars safe.

This is the result published by Latin NCAP a few days ago.
Pretty scary for a car sold in 2013. These all get 0 star.

Compared to the Seat Leon which gets 5 stars. Same results as in European tests.
So it can be done. You CAN sell a safe car in South America and make a profit.

What a shameful way for Nissan, Suzuki and GM to save a buck....


Soul2Stinger said...

This is absolutely horrifying.

Anonymous said...

GM is the first company to start charging for a spare tire so it doesn't surprise me.

Anonymous said...

The GM structure held up pretty well. Still needs an airbag though. The Seat naturally held up better because the structure is strong and it has airbags. There is no excuse for the Nissan or suzuki to be sold anywhere in the world. Their performance is ridiculous.