Sunday, July 07, 2013

2014 Nissan Terrano

Just a few more pictures of the Nissan version of the Renault Duster.

Which now, does really look like a Nissan.
Amazing what a new front end will do.

I still think this would make a great replacement for the old Xterra over here.


Anonymous said...

Looks interesting. And surprisingly upscale (at least when compared to the Duster)

I don't think that would make a good XTerra. The Duster would turn off most off road fans. The Frontier, for sure since it's a global vehicle with a following in the Middle East and Asia Pacific, will be updated in the next two years, so there will already be a good platform for the next Xterra.

Anonymous said...

The rear end is a total copy of the Chevy Orlando...the car named after an US city but only sold in Canada by a very confused automaker.

Anonymous said...

We need this is Canada. Priced right, great looking, efficient....bring it here Nissan! This is a guaranteed success. It will give us a vehcile to sell the thousands of happy Xtrail owners that miss the Xtrail terribly.....giddy up, don't think twice, no market studies required. You can do it Christian!

Anonymous said...

I have an Xtrail, it has 242,000 km on it. The BEST vehicle I have ever owned. Bring this to Canada so I can stay with Nissan

Anonymous said...

the rear looks like a cross between the Borrego and some recent Ford product.