Monday, June 03, 2013

Ford Ecosport in the US?

So far the official word is: " We certainly have the ability. We're studying very, very closely".
From Jim Farley at Ford.

I think the Ecosport makes a lot of sense in the US. If they can sell the Fiesta, why not a Fiesta based crossover.. Really.
The Ecosprt is usually powered by the same 1.0 3 cylinder Turbo with 120hp soon to be used in the US Fiesta. (A 2.0 Liter version is also available in some markets.)

The new Escape isn't that small, I think there is plenty of room for something smaller and cheaper.
The Ecosport is only one inch smaller than the new Buick Encore.


BenS said...

it's cute, but nowadays, I feel like the hatch-mounted spare tire is a deal-killer for me. Even the RAV4 gave it up!

6-speed said...

Ugly like that damn little Buick cuv thing.

Anonymous said...


6-speed kinda took the words right out of my mouth. It's an ugly little thing...

Anonymous said...

I like it. It looks like a fun little thing. This reminds me of the types of cars I rent in St Barths. I even like the outboard spare tire. Most of the current small SUVs look like jacked up hatchbacks. This is different in a good way.