Thursday, May 16, 2013

NOT a BMW: Chinese Jinbei Haixing X30 Van

This is quite amazing.
Jinbei Haixing is a subsidiary of Brilliance. Which is BMW's partner in China.
So they just think it's OK to splatter BMW details all over their assy X30 van, I guess.

The grille, headlights, fog lights. There is even a BMW feel in the tail lights.
And look at the lettering used in the back.

They are ripping off their own business partner!


Dav said...


Harte Infiniti said...

The grille does look very similar to that of the BMW. It seems like a lot of Chinese auto makers sometimes "borrow" or incorporate designs originally used by other companies.

Anonymous said...

Well, Mercedes does sell the Sprinter.. if only they could incorporate the Hofmeister kink on this, the American sheeple would buy it!

Anonymous said...

This had me laughing out load at my desk, thanks for sharing this! I really got a kick out of this. As obnoxious as this is, it really doesn't look all that bad! This could have ended up much worse.

- FusioptimaSX

Anonymous said...

Socialist China is shameless.

Anonymous said...

it looks a hell of a lot better than the Ford Transit or Nissan NV so don't laugh.