Tuesday, May 14, 2013

BYD e6. Taxi only in the US

BYD has decided not to sell its all electric e6 model to consumers in the US after all.
But, it will be available as a Taxi. So we will see them around.

The range of 186 miles seems really good and could work for a Taxi, I guess.
The claim to be concentrating on building their electric buses for the US market. In the new Cafifornia desert factory.


Dav said...

Hmmm... So are they going to have a fleet of them on constant (charging) rotation for when they run out of juice?

The average (city) TAXI driver in most areas likely drives considerably more than 186 miles a day on an average shift.

Anonymous said...

That's a taxi I will never get in -- for safety reasons alone. EVER.