Saturday, April 06, 2013

More pictures of the new Renault Captur

The Captur is based on the Clio. Which uses the Renault/Nissan B platform.
Seen in various Nissan models as well. Like the Cube, Versa and Juke.

So it is basically a European cousin of the Juke.
It still looks really modern. Without the "disturbing" style of the Juke, which I have to say, isn't for everyone.

Since the next Nissan Rogue and Renault Qashqai are supposed to share the same design for the next generation, I wonder if this gives us an early look at the next Juke.


Anonymous said...

This model is also sold as the Samsung Captur in South Korea.

6-speed said...

Think it's almost as ugly as the Juke!

Tard said...

Looks great in burnt orange. Not so much so in blue.

No doubt that once Nissan gets its hands on it the designers will find ways to add lumps and curves and blistering protruding light clusters that all appear unnatural to the basic design and then try to hock it here as something great.

Oh yeah, they will saddle it with that crappy CVT too.

Anonymous said...

I like it A LOT more than the juke which was a poor attempt at reviving the dune buggy.