Monday, April 22, 2013

Geely KC Concept

This is one good looking Chinese car. So far just a concept.

Geely owns Volvo, and I am pretty sure their new vice president of design, Peter Horbury, has something to do with this.
Since he came from Volvo and Ford.


Anonymous said...

Geely=ugly & dangerous. But this is an exception, at least on the ugly part. A "good" design by any measure, but for Geely it's a phenominal leap into the world of legitimate automotive design!

Dav said...

Has a bit of Kia/Peter Schreyer in this design, which is a good thing.

The interior's very handsomely Scandinavian-minimalistic.

This really should go to Volvo.

Anonymous said...

Take a closer look, this is 90% Avalon...the 10% is the BETTER looking front end!


Anonymous said...

Something HONDA lacks.... any real vision for interior design. I like this...

Anonymous said...

90% Avalon?

I want some of what you're smokin'!

Very nice looking concept car. If they can translate this to production without any changes, they just might get a lot of attention.