Friday, April 12, 2013

Fiat Viaggio Video

The Viaggio is Fiat's version of our Dodge Dart.

It's pretty much a chromed Dart.

This Chinese commercial is so serious and obnoxious, it ends up kind of funny, in a ridiculous way.
And then, just annoying and boring...

Seems they are trying to sell the Fiat sedan as some kind of a luxury car. Showing lots of leather being touched by a half naked woman.
I guess whatever sells...


Tard said...

Boring? I'd rather look at half naked women than dancing hamsters, but to each his own, Vince. ;P

Anonymous said...

One man's Sexy Luxury Formal Sedan is another man's cheap economy car. A great way to illustrate the difference in living standards between Socialism (China-Viaggio) and Capitolism(USA-DART). Exactly the same car--from a different circumstance. Interresting.

Soul Brother No. 7 said...

Heh..."Cheap economy car"

What will it take for compacts to earn respect in America?

Anyways, for Fiat to really earn luxury points in China, they'll have to have a LWB version to limo around in.

Anonymous said...

What will it take for compacts to earn respect in America?

Not gonna happen. When Americans see less car--they expect to pay less money. And they aren't the only ones (which is why a "C" "3-series" and A4 cost less than a bigger E,5 or A; and why those cost less than an S, 7 or A8. Actually, I think America is probably the ONLY place you can get a car the size of a Passat or Impala for under $30k US; everywhere else a car that size is priced like an E, A6, or 5-series (if not more).