Friday, April 19, 2013

2014 Kia Cadenza (A.K.A the Costanza) starts at $35 900

The biggest Kia sold in the US will start at just under $36 000.
The starting price includes leather seats, 550 watt Infinity Stereo and GPS.

Luxury package adds a panoramic sunroof, Nappa leather and a few other things for $38 900.
Add another technology package and you are spending $41 900 on the big Kia.

It's close cousin, the Hyundai Azera starts at $32 250. Also with leather, GPS and upgrade stereo.
So it seems you are paying over $3000 more for the Kia.

The Lexus ES, is of course more expensive, at $36 370. And that does NOT include GPS, or premium audio system.
A loaded Buick LaCrosse is closer in price.

The new Kia will face stiff competition in the US. There is also a very attractive, and a bit cheaper, Chevrolet Impala out .

I think its closest competition will come from the new Avalon. 
It starts for less, the the comparably equipped XLE Touring is $36 295. About the same price as the Kia.
And I bet most people will still spend their $36 000 in a top of the line Toyota than a Kia.

Good luck....


Dav said...

I seen a couple of these around the Vegas area with dealer plates and they look Really Good On the Road... Very Muscular Proportions.

The FACT that Kia offers so many features standard in addition to that best in the industry (10 year/100k) warranty should give this a clear advantage over other maker's competing models.

Tard said...

This is as good as DOA. Significantly more expensive than the Azera? No way. Kia is pricing in the fact that they will be laying many thousands of dollars or rebates on each sale to move the metal.

6-speed said...

Butt ugly.

Anonymous said...

The quality just isn't there yet. Not for Chrysler 300 prices--no way.

Mobis21 said...

Kia already sells a $35k Optima Limited. This car makes absolutely no sense.

Anonymous said...

It will do well. I have read reviews that place it at the top of similar cars like maxima, fusion, etc.

Anonymous said...

Why would anyone consider this?

Anonymous said...

Why do you keep making this 'costanza' joke? Its so retarded.

Anonymous said...

WoW this is ugly and expensive. Are they trying to be like Mercedes now?