Tuesday, January 10, 2012

2013 Toyoa Prius C

Looking pretty much the same as the Japanese version we saw late last year.

Still with what seems like plenty of hard plastic inside, and a rather bare bone looking interior.

But, Toyota announced 2 important numbers:
-53MPG City.
-Under $19 000 to start.

Which will make the "C" a huge hit for them.
Great MGP is why people buy hybrids. Which is what Honda did not understand with the CR-Z and Insight.
As Toyota puts it, "the highest dated city fuel economy of any vehicle without a plug".

On sale in March.


Anonymous said...

Love the cheap looking door panels and trimless door fame that shows the exterior paint on the inside. Can't beat that Toyota quality!

Anonymous said...

Vince you lost 1 digit in 3MPG City (53).

Not sure why there's no highway rating but city is only 4% better than Prius.

Interior is one of the cheapest. Didn't even cover everything with fabric and the center stack has horrible hard plastics. For $19K not exactly a steal.

Vince Burlapp said...

Thanks for correcting me!

Anonymous said...

I like the sunroof option.

Dale Terry said...

The inside doesn't even look good enough for a $19,000 car, but the exterior is the best Prius design to date--which isn't a huge compliment. However, the size, prize and versatility will make this a great runabout for those living in cities.

Anonymous said...

You are paying for the Hybrid powertrain. You want a nicer interior? Get a Yaris "SE". I don't like Toyotas but I know this is going to fly like hot cakes, especially since gas is going up again. Many could probably make an even trade on their vehicles. Consider the Insight dead, unless Honda actually takes the next one seriously. The CR-Z is going to lose the Hybridness...then probably die.

I sat in both and couldn't see anything out the windows. If I don't want to see, I'll take an FJ Cruiser. At least then when I hit something it wont damage my vehicle.

- FusioptimaSX

Carl said...

Even at 19k the exterior paint showing through inside is inexcusable, you think Hyundai/Kia would let that slide?

Anonymous said...

CR-Z and Insight are just too bratty infantile looking even for the hybrid buyer.

Anonymous said...

Do hot cakes fly?
If you gotsta use vapid cliches...At least try to use them properly.

Anonymous said...

Aside from the snarky comments about the cheap interior, my main concern is those jumbo fixed rear headrests. They don't look like they retract/fold out of the way which blocks rear vision and are a hassle to take off and chuck somewhere when folding the rear seats. Now that seems cheesy!