Thursday, January 12, 2012

2013 Porsche Boxster

What a great looking car.
We could already tell from the spy shots.

The 2 models return, Boxster and Boxster S.

2.7 Liter 6 with 264hp and 3.4 Liter with 315hp.
6 speed manual on both.
$49 500 and $60 900.

I guess the rumors of a base 4 cylinder Turbo were wrong. At least for the 1st year maybe?

I cannot wait to see these in the streets next summer.


Anonymous said...

More than the exteriors and engines, Porsche (of late) has really been making strides on their interiors. This is beautiful and a great example of less being more. In this case, more luxurious. I think this is what some makers just dont get... Cadillac and Honda. Caddy is all Vegas at night. Honda is cheap anime' as interior. Porsche... if you made a smaller less expensive wagon with an interior like this (ie: something to fit my life and pocketbook), I'd lose all control of myself. Really gorgeous interior! Great job!

Anonymous said...

Vince, it is Boxster, not Boxter. Do a spell check before you post anything.

Anyways, it is great Porsche keeps it is current design trends with minor upgrades when it still makes as a great car for many decades to come!

Anonymous said...

Vince, you may have the occasional typo or even misspelling, but at least you don't put an "s" on the word "anyway."
But I digress...I want this car!

Anonymous said...

I want one!

tore13 said...

Car looks pretty good. I don't think I'd say the interior is amazing or anything, but better then previous.

Anonymous said...

Very nice adult styling with no boy racer infantile stupidities like Mustang Camaro Vette.

Dale Terry said...

I agree with tore13 about the interior, but the exterior is amazing because it is truly the first great looking Boxster. I wouldn't change a thing.

Anonymous said...

The point of Porsche's understated interiors is that they've been able to incorporate technology, while keeping it classy. Ie: not looking like an alien space pod or a ride at Disneyland. This is retro done right, and it makes sense: Porsches are about driving, not rising video screens and blue footwell lights. If you like that, buy a Ford. Here the aluminum accents look purposeful, not like glue-ons (Honda). Sure, you pay for the materials, but excellent plastics are available out there... they just arent necessarily used because it maybe adds an extra dollar per car (Honda). This is beautiful design at work.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

This and the 911 are now perfect.
The interior is now tasteful...Something an adult would like.