Monday, December 12, 2011

New Lexus Concept

Dont know much about this yet.
But Lexus might be working on a sporty car based on the New Toyota GT86.
Which should be quite interesting.

This teaser seems to be showing some kind of a concept though... Seems too good for a production Lexus.
More about this soon.

So far, the Detroit show is shaping up to be a great show with tons of new stuff.


Anonymous said...

"To" and "too" are not the same thing. I like TO read your blog. But sometimes, there are just TOO many errors.

Anonymous said...

I take a 86-based altezza/is200 over the current IS anyday

Anonymous said...

Well, it IS almost time for a new IS.. but I'm secretly hoping this is a concept revival of the proper SC hardtop coupe!

ARS96 said...

Between the time it takes Lexus to go from concept to production, will take at least 7 years, look at the well overpriced LFA. So dont plan on seeing this for quite some time.