Saturday, September 03, 2011

2012/13 Acura NSX???

This mysterious Acura was spotted on the set on the upcoming Avengers movie.
It looks like the Tony Stark character has a new car in this.

But what is it? Looks like it could be some new Acura concept (I don't see any headlights)
Or is it the next NSX, or at least a preview of it?
Or just something designed and built specifically for the movie?

I guess we'll now soon enough...

Click on the title to get to and see even more. (Although not much more of the car itself...)


cardudeATL said...


That is hot. I don't care what it is...


Soul2Stinger said...

Of course it is! Why would they waste time building a completely separate "concept" for the movie when they could just use what they already have...the NSX. They could barley change the beak so create a whole new car for a movie? Not even GM did that.

SalvatoreBellomo said...

Wow. All I could say. I'm going to guess it's the concept for the next NSX and we know that Acura Concept car is usually 90% of the real thing.

Otto said...

This is exactly what Acura needs to repair its reputation.. well, that, and a sedan with looks that someone would actually want to own. C'mon Honda, build it already!