Friday, August 26, 2011

Audi A1 5 door coming up.

It's no secret that a 5 door version of the A1 is in the works.
But here is proof. The A1 will then have quite an advantage over most of its competition like the Mini and Fiat 500

This is the current 3 door A1.
Not available in the US.

And the 5 door won't be either....


Johnny said...

Rear doors look terribly small, maybe just for dogs.

- V - said...

Why do ppl keep saying cars such as the A1 have the Fiat 500 as competition? Apart from size (which is still different) the Audi costs A LOT more than the 500

youareuniquelikeeveryoneelse said...

That ugly big Audi grille looks even more ridiculous on a car the size