Monday, August 01, 2011

All new Fiat 500 Commercial

I think this says exactly what it needs to say.

Good work.

I start seeing more and more of these around Los Angeles.


Soul2Stinger said...

That's a really good commercial! Seeing that Prius made me giggle.

dej said...

50,000 units is/was the goal for the 1st year sales.

From March to the end of June, 4994 units.

How many are you seeing in LA because 4994 spread over 50 states is less than 100 per state.

I'd suggest some cash on the hood for this dog.

SlippedClutch said...

I've seen about five of them. They're cute and all, but I doubt many people would choose this over a Mini.

youareuniquelikeeveryoneelse said...

Cute car but fit and finish is not great and they are made in Mexico. Italian engineering + Mexican production quality = pass