Tuesday, August 16, 2011

2013 BMW 2 series?

There has been a rumor for years about the 3 series coupe being eventually called the 4 series.
It didn't happen when the current version came out, as we know.
But some are still saying that the next 3 series coupe will be a 4 series.

Here, we have an illustration of the next 1 series coupe. Which, following that same strategy, would become the new 2 series.
Which will, just like the current one, be a coupe version of the 1 series hatchback.


DaHarder said...

New BMW...Looks the same as every other BMW - Zzzzzz

Soul2Stinger said...

Isn't the "new" 1 series supposed to be FWD? ...which is why the current 1 will be renamed 2-Series? From this picture, it looks like they are going to be styled similarly...although with different drive train layouts?