Monday, March 28, 2011

Chery A6 CC

They previewed this car as a concept back in 2007.
The red car was caught testing over a year ago.It was also spotted in England back in 2009.

The yellow car now carries a new name, "Rich". Which is a new sub-brand from Chery.
Including the cheezy Bentley like logo.

I just wonder what went wrong in the development of this car. 4 years is quite a long time.
And the production car looks exactly the same as the concept.

Now they are saying again that the production model will be out soon.

This is what concept looked like in 2007.
Still a good looking car that hasn't aged much.
Thanks to its Bertone design.


el_monty said...

Well, you have to admit the side view looks remarkably like the Alfa Romeo GT Coupe... also styled by Bertone. So it's not a case of a Chinese company ripping off a European design, but rather a European design house being a bit lazy for a probably low-paying client (or maybe the Chinese customers looked at the Alfa GT and asked for "something just like that").

Anonymous said...

I am in shock. This car may borrow a few elements from other designs, but the overall package--late in arriving or not--is actually well done. Are the Chinese responsible for this design? I wonder because it looks very Italian to me.

Anonymous said...

First chinese car I see that wowed me. Really good design.

Anonymous said...

It already looks dated.

3 years to get the product out the door? This thing is the epitome of garbage.

Anonymous said...

Looks better than the ucoming Civic, but you know this will be far subpar in build quality and materials.

Anonymous said...

Looks like a Kia Cerato

Anonymous said...

remember when 'Cherry" meant really nice? (Instead of "cheap ugly crap")