Tuesday, February 08, 2011

New Ford Territory.

When "new" means "kinda new".

It's basically just a refresh of the current generation, with changes to the front and rear.
And maybe inside, who knows...

The rest of the car does look pretty old, dating from 2004.

The new Explorer looks much, much more modern than this, and it is what Ford should be selling in Australia.

For once, I think the US is the lucky one...


Anonymous said...

This is a freestyle/taurus x with a front & rear fascia treatment. nothing new here. sorry ausies

Anonymous said...

Right. I'm figuring, maybe 2 or 3 dollars to convert the interior, steering column, suspension, possibly exhaust to the other side. Piece of cake. Let's add the cost of sticking explorers on a boat and shipping there. That can't cost more than a couple of bucks.

As opposed to a refresh.

Let's go to wikepedia.

2008 78,439
2009 52,190
2010 60,687

They couldn't give away the old model in the US anymore with sales only 1/7th of their 1999 high and you want them to engineer a version for Australia.

I suppose you expect gas prices to fall to 2 bucks also.

Unknown said...

poor application of Ford's new design language. This look, also seen on the Vertrek (Kuga/Escape replacement) was originally supposed to debut on the Ford Focus, and most of it was preserved, but the three iron bars did not make it on to there.

Anonymous said...

considering the differences in taste betwn the US and Australia, imho it's an excellent interpretation of Ford's design direction
makes me think the refreshed Falcon will be MUCH closer to Global appeal

Anonymous said...

The refresh is hiding a new 2.7-litre turbo diesel. Great engine and great car. In Oz, the Territory is often described as a poor man's X5. Rides and handles brilliantly for the big brown land.

Paul said...

Its not a Freestyle at all, and never was. Sorry anonymous Yank.

Soul Brother No. 7 said...

Looks like Ford stole a few notes on front end design from VW and Kia.

Anonymous said...

The Explorer is better looking than a Territory? Right, and Hillary Clinton looks better than Elle McPherson...

Anonymous said...

Not even remotely related to an explorer or Taurus.
Engine runs longetudenally not transversely.
2WD version drives the back wheels.

Don't judge everything on looks or you will be wrong.