Thursday, February 17, 2011

All new Hyundai i40

Basically, a Sonata for Europe.
Although it does look different. Even inside.
it's not just a Sonata wagon somehow.

I hope they offer it over here as well.

Engines in Europe will include a 1.7 Diesel with 136hp, and a 2.0 Liter with 177.


Anonymous said...

would probably be the Sonata Touring if it gets here.

Anonymous said...

I would buy this (from a current Honda owner). Bring this to the US. I used to hate Hyundai. Over the last couple years however, their designs have been great and I like the direction their interiors have gone. Modern but not overdone. And blue color instruments! I dont know about the rest of you, but I have trouble seeing red ones at night so I refuse to buy a car who's instruments glows red/orange. I think some of the other automakers should take notice.

Anonymous said...

I was hoping they'd offer it in the States as well but that rear bumper is definitely not Ralph Nader-approved

Anonymous said...

I would definitely buy this too as a loyal toyota customer. Their designs are just too bland nowadays.

Anyone else wondering if Hyundai is sourcing their European steering wheels from the same supplier to GM? Definitely not the steering wheel used in the US.

v6james said...

STUNNING! Simply, stunning design!

I'd say that many previous Toyota and Honda owners have finally stopped laughing at Hyundai cars. At least that could be the conventional wisdom everytime they back out of their driveways in a stunning new Hyundai model!

Way to go! Watch out Toyota and Honda, that plume of smoke in front of you is the competition (Hyundai) that just left you in the dust!

Anonymous said...

Is it just me or does the front end look just like the new Avante/Elantra and not at all like a Sonata??

hyns said...

looks sharp, really great
Please, Hyundai bring us (to usa) diesel, I think VW Jetta TDI is selling very well.
I will trade my 02 Santa Fe in heartbeat (or faster)

Who am I kidding, 99% of time it will stay in europe

Anonymous said...

the rear bumper could be changed and it would still look good. do it HYundai.

Anonymous said...

I really dislikes the inflamed styling of the Sonata sedan, and actually get irritated when getting stuck behind one of the lumpy, ugly things in traffic. But I really think this looks good as a wagon. The lines work a lot better with this. I was thinking that Hyundai was going the direction of Toyota, but I see they've set their sites higher. That's good.

Bring the wagon here, pronto!

Long Island Matt said...

I want to like this, as I'm a big fan of wagons.
But, I hate the narrow windows with the overly high doors.
Comfort and visibility was sacrificed for (dubious) styling.
The front end is nice, and the rear end is OK, but the side should allow for much bigger windows.
The interior is a little over-styled, but it looks comfortable, and I like the big nav screen.

Anonymous said...

Dash is a blend of Cadillac CTS & Dodge Journey-- and that's a GOOD THING!

Johnny The Bull said...

Three Anonymous said
I would buy this (from a current Honda owner). Bring this to the US.

I would definitely buy this too as a loyal toyota customer.

And I say,
Why do you feel the need to tell us what you currently drive while praising a Hyundai vehicle? Do we need to constantly be reminded of what the direct competition of this vehicle is or what Hyundai is trying to market it to.

Sounds to me like Vince's site has been hit by the ongoing Hyundai viral online campaign.

Anonymous said...

Too many Hyundai salesman on this post.

Anonymous said...

Hyundai great, Toyota bland, blah, blah, blah... In many ways this looks just like the 3 year old Vensa. Oh, but that's Japanese and this is Korean, and Korean cars are oh so stylish. Give me a break. Boring is boring, no matter where it's made. You're all a bunch of fools blindly (and I emphasize the word blindly) following the crowd.

Farat said...

it's ugly like the rest of Hyundai line-up looking like melting candles.

And yes, too many Hyundai employees around these forums. You think we don't recognize your tactics? Give me a break. said...

Competition heats up even for the Japanese. Consumers win big with Hyundai's new cars.

Anonymous said...

If Honda's and Toyota's were so great then why even care about all the accolades other cars are getting? So if a Toyota was getting praised then that's ok I guess?
Typical fanboyism. That's the real problem.

Felix Kim said...

Haters seem to be out in full force. Yeah yeah, keep living in the fantasy world where it is inconceivable to have people praising brands you personally hate.