Thursday, February 03, 2011

2012 VW Tiguan

Looks like a pic from the German site.
Although not currently on the site.

Pretty much what was expected. Now with the same front end all VWs have, except the Beetle.
Looks like the AWD and FWD will have different bumper sections.

They need to do something about the Tiguan in the US. Lower the price, or something....


Anonymous said...

Price is a little high compared to others, but it is nicer. The problem is when u try to add any options it skyrockets to rip-off levels very quickly.

Anonymous said...

They are highly discounted here in the Boston area...BUT...VW still has a reputation of poor reliability which needs to be addressed. I owned a Passat a few years back and it had niggling constant problems.

Anonymous said...

I see way more Q5 suv's compared to the Tiguan. You just get better looks and a better logo for not that much more money.

douchebag jones said...

s keep this horrivble crap in germ an y please

Crash said...

There are many problems with the Tiguan that (as a consumer) I can't get past.

1) Too small
2) Oddly proportioned (the back looks so short!!)
3) Questionable VW quality (the only VW I wouldn't give a pass on is the CC)
4) SMALL back seat
5) Questionable fuel economy for a car this size
6) Price for what you get. Too much.

Anonymous said...

I NEVER see Tiguans on the road.

Did you know in order to get AWD you have to spend $27,000?!?! It isn't even a HIGHER TRIM LINE, it is the base S model. As soon as you start adding options the Tiguan creeps up into luxury CUV territory.

VWs pricing strategy is a joke, coupled with their abysmal reliability and poor resale, and you have a NO sale.

Let's face it, I'd rather have an RDX, or base GLK, XC60, etc 50x over the Tiguan.

Anonymous said...

Who in the hell buys these ugly things with a terrible name. Tiguan? VW is such a bad joke